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Welcome to Hustle The Struggle.


Hey there, check out the video I made for you. Hustle The Struggle is about our future of entrepreneurship. If you made it already great if you are at your dream job great. As we all know most of the world has turned to the internet. 

Many companies have been taken off the map. I know it’s not easy to make your presents online. I will be giving away some tools to help out. If you have chosen the online journey keep going, learn lay your foundation and build from there.

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Making Your Decision For Going Online.


Online Business.

Online business is simply one that is operated via the internet and that brings income via the internet as well. In online business, your website is like your store where you display your products and skills and influence prospects that you offer value. You always want to start a business but sometimes you don’t really know exactly what you could do.

There are so many different ways in which you can make money online these days and I would be able to share with you a couple of ideas which I think is really good and I can give you a few tips on how to start each.

Get Your Motivation.

It is vital to know that there are two types of online business; active and passive. An active online business necessitates you to render a particular services or requires your active input in some other way. Most time, the profit you’ll make from an active business is depends on your activity and time invested.

A freelance writer monthly income is based on how many writing assignments he completed within a month. If he decides not to write, then I won’t make money. A passive online business brings income unceasingly even when you’re not keenly involved. 

The point is you need to make money through passive means and not by not doing anything. You must have financed it with your time, energy, and even money right from the commencement. Only after you’ve set up your business flawlessly can you relax and enjoy your investment returns.

In a nut shell, a passive online business also requires hard work. When a passive business starts to bring returns, there’s no edge to the revenue you can make from it. And you can continue to make money while relaxing. A perfect examples of passive online businesses include affiliate marketing and information marketing.

Prospecting Your Audience.

Looking into the very first business that you can look to start in 2019. Information marketing is trending and this can be executed perfectly online. People really learning things online rather than going through the traditional route of going to high school and then going to college and then getting a job.

These days, people want to learn a lot more specifics kind of things rather than learning a big broad subject and I think a lot of people are also realizing that you generally are paying a lot of money it could be ten thousand twenty thousand thirty thousand dollars a year to learn something that might not guarantee you a job.

In the end, selling courses online and this is great way even if you haven’t really built up a big audience or anything to make a fair bit of good passive income and this one can be really passive as well because all you need to do is make a course on something that you’re interested.

You can film it, edit it and maybe write the script or something like that and be done in few days. That might sound like a very quick amount of time but it is very possible. You can either sell it on your own website or you get something like a Shopify website or Amazon market place.

Picking A Niche.  

The next way you could make some money this year is one that I’m actually quite passionate about and that’s called affiliate marketing. if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it’s essentially a way in which you promote something or you recommend something and then you can generally get a commission if someone goes from your link and then ends up buying the product so for example one of the biggest affiliate marketing one of the biggest affiliate websites in the world is amazon.com and I’m sure you all know about that they have a program called Amazon Associates. 

Generally, on Google you’ll find their affiliate program it’s a great way to share your reviews your ideas on something and then you can also get a commission generally as well and again the great thing about this is that it doesn’t affect the price that the person who you’re recommending pays

e-commerce building.

Another way in which you can make money in 2019 is through selling on e-commerce store such as eBay, Etsy. Etsy is it’s one of the largest kind of web sites where you can sell pretty much anything that you’ve made or you’ve designed or anything like that so it’s a really big website for a lot of people who like to do crafts and handmade things. 

If you’re into maybe designing or you like to you are good with your hands you’re good at making a little kind of knickknacks or things like that if you like to make t-shirts if you like to make candles if you like to make kind of themed goods it is a fantastic way to do that and you can also sell digital downloads as well. You can also sell tech gadgets and some nice products on eBay. You could try drop shipping in both cases if you don’t have your products and the likes. That’s the beauty of Selling online.


Blogging is another great way to make money online. It is like a base for all other online businesses. To maximize your profit from affiliate marketing and other online business. Having a blog benefits you in enticing a large audience, build trust, and establish yourself as a professional in your field.

Set up a blog and create useful content, launch your blog and starting getting finding readers, create engagement and start making money. All these are important foundations that you really do need to get in place before you’ll be able to build long term income for your blog.

All these are proven way of running an online business they will generate return with your handwork and determination. If you are looking to generate money easy and quick. You could try freelancing for some time to get the needed money to run your business.