Making Learning For Your Future A Passion For Goals. 4 tips.

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The Journey is real in the online business world. Love how you can reach the globe while drinking coffee, tea or what ever else while just on your laptop. Getting motivated. Sharing the knowledge on what I picked during this journey is something I always look forward to. Rewind when I first started learning it became a big change in life, however I enjoy it. I made it a passion of goals that needs to be reached so I’m glad to share.

Goals, motivation

I Quit, entrepreneurs don’t quit.

Incase you are all just starting and/or quit because you were not getting any where trust me when I say I did quit as well. It was only for two days because as I sat around constantly pondering on what I’m doing wrong I was back up and going. Whet we first start our business online nobody know us and if your like me and do not have a mentor side by side then things get tough.

When we sign up for a program with a proven system we think “yeah we are on our way” although we get sent emails and content we still do not have that person who knows all the steps to guide us who has the experience! It becomes a puzzle to solve which many of us give up.

I want to give you all my screw-ups because not many people talk about failure, yes they say it has happen but don’t list them. I will also be giving you what’s important to any business, which is how to get traffic the steps take time, and action needs to be taken.

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In the beginning like I said I was a rookie did not have the knowledge or tools to build! Instead of me starting with a website I started with build sales funnels and buying solo ads. World I didn’t even know sales copy or content copy, inexperienced. There were times I wondered what I got myself into. This is how things can go when you are lone wolfing. As I continue I invested in other courses building the knowledge.

Learn price vs. VALUE, when you jump into this entrepreneur journey fresh. Some people might be naturals, which is ok cool great, but some of us we take hits.  My school of online education was LURN I stumbled onto a webinar tired of working these jobs so I make the investment and I will not lie at the moment I was skeptical but wrong.

At the time a name for a website could not be thought of I knew W.O.L.1 was naturally in mind “We Only Live 1nce” incase you are wondering. I am basically a guy that should not be writing this! That’s another story for another time. While building my email list with no story to tell about myself it really felt like being in a puzzle.

Gathering more tools to fix my problem. I looked at a lot of these men and women on the net building their business come to find out besides the funnels they also have blogs, honestly I didn’t know what a blog was and here I am.

How embarrassing.

True embarrassing story I’ll make this part short.  Not being familiar with platforms jumping around from Wix, Square space, and can’t remember the other one I settled with WordPress. Watching a course that was three hours plus took me a total about twelve hours not all in one day but total, come to find out I did it wrong. No help beside YouTube the site took me about eight extra this time and still not up to my standards but it’s more work in progress.

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The word tool bag gets brought up a lot and that bag will constantly need more tools and most importantly action, nobody likes failure some will even get embarrassed and not want to talk about or just give up and stick with their day job. I will be giving access to a set of tools I needed and looked for months just could not find it. Just remember price vs. VALUE.

Pick a niche and master it stay motivated.

Niche picking. There are three things most people want finances, health, relationships. We have to dig in deep narrow them down while choosing, the best thing to do at the start not overwhelm yourself try not to get too excited take the right steps so you don’t lose out on time and money.


  1. Knowledge: attack your brain.
  2. Organize: plan out the goal.
  3. Take action.

Mindset to mind shift for goals.

The mindset becomes a mind shift, I was so focused on the money at first then I matured to learning to be a problem solver. People come first let’s take a quick look at some famous people. Doctor Oz helps so many people in health. LeBron James helps entertain crowds during games. Tony Robbins helps people reach their inner selves and brings out the beast! This is just a few but you get the point.

We all have to take the time to learn from others, even without a personal mentor. When the time comes you can say I built this from scratch. The Internet has a lot of free education; the reason I invested in other courses was because not everything is found on YouTube.

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