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My story

My Story

Hello, Welcome and thank you for coming to my site, my name is Leonard Sotelo born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. There was a time I decided the corporate world is not for me anymore and soon will be coming to the end. I decided to make reading, studying, and learning a daily hobby soaking in all the education. While planning my path out the corporate world I attending two schools one was real estate investing school “Renatus“, as for online I attended “Lurn.

The path of goals that I chose was too much. I will be showing exactly what I’m talking about in my blog, for me, it was a dedication to learning and applying. Many friends and family wonder why I didn’t attend college again, and honestly, in my opinion, college takes too long for me to go be an employee at a job again is out of the question.

I created Hustle The Struggle because entrepreneurship is not easy. I learned that’s why people go get a job at a company because the job is ready to open position. I use a job as a stepping stone with high ethics while performing duties. Same way I do as I lay my own foundation.

When people ask what’s my WHY?

At first I wanted to create income streams then as the struggle became real it turned into building something out of nothing. I rather invest learn and risk then to be at a job when they can fire whenever they want.

  • Take advantage.