Taking 1 Of Your Ideas And Making It Turn Into Value To Others. The beauty of life.

Sugar coat your beauty

Sugar coat your beauty. What the human being is capable of, there are some people out there who have great ideas but never do they put it to work. Then later on they find out somebody else had an idea that was similar and put it to work and made it real popular.

Sugar coat your beauty.

People making names for themselves.

If we take a look at some of the successful people out there John D Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and the list goes on. There are men and women out there who have succeeded by planting an idea, watering it to watch it grow.

When I first started this sugarcoat your beauty I didn’t know much about what I was doing. I started with a Facebook page and for about a year it floated in Facebook, I was receiving notifications about do something with this page or we will delete it.

The reason why I left it alone was because I couldn’t create women’s content and my idea was on pause. I would ponder on how I could make this Facebook page popular in one way or another, promoting it wasn’t going to do much because there was no product to promote it would Have been a waste of money.


The frustration that happens.

Pondering constantly, a while back this woman signed me with NuSkin. I created an account but never used it. I decided to match the NuSkin with my sugarcoat your beauty Facebook page then I launched it. My cost per click was kind of high, I was getting good results names, emails, and created a list. It felt pretty good the feedback I was receiving thinking maybe this can go somewhere.

The human mind could be strong, when we put our minds to something anything is possible. Think way back as a child learning to walk then wanting to run. It’s the same thing, even though we fall at times we could always get back up and continue our progress.

When learning to use software‘s to build my businesses. There was a few fallbacks with one software that I was using and I didn’t want that to continue. So I found another software that has been great. It took a little time for me to design my website and make it look appealing to an audience who has interest. Surprisingly my domain name was not taken, so with a small little investment and A chrome extension called honey I got my domain for the price of a cup of coffee.

Get you some extensions to help.

You probably heard of the chrome extension called honey if you have not you might want to check it out. While designing my website I kept jumping back-and-forth making sure this look right this look right. I finally created my Simple website to give value to my new subscribers, and some great content.

This simple website was not easy considering I am not the best designer especially for a niche I am jumping into. I had to learn quick, the process already started there was no turning back. I hope this comes out to become a great website that can deliver value and create some great relationships.

Sugar Coat Your Beauty world. There are so many reasons to take passionate great care of yourself. We only live once, those four words carry a lot of meaning. In many different niches. As people our impressions matter in this world and of course there are times we are relaxing with sweats on the weekend, but when it’s time to get up and go, go for gold. Let’s make every day count, and have a blessed life.

Thank you for reading.

Is your job taking time away from your family? Learn how to find the best marketing software for your business.

Takes more time than expected. Kartra


Is your job taking time away from your family? Learn how to find the best marketing software for your business. This took a lot of trial and error in my journey. There has been no over the shoulder mentor to help and assist, which was highly needed. Most people try to toss the best marketing courses out there.

I have invested in a few and they are pretty good, but after learning these few courses I come to realize they are teaching the same lesson how to create a landing page build you an email list because that list is your asset. I do agree with all this, however most courses teach the strong basics from what I noticed.

What they leave out is traffic where to get it how to post on those websites. My eBook is almost finished I will be putting out to the market as soon as it’s done. Make sure to sign up to my email list so when it’s done you’ll get notification.


Some software problems.

Back to the article, I was using a system that was good to start building a email list and the auto responder was building the relationships, then I was about to launch a fresh business, so I ran some test when I clicked on the link the words popped up “suspicious link”.

Who will open that! Most likely people will unsubscribe if they seen that. I contacted the company it took them three months to fix the first time the next time was about a month. I’m not going to mention the company I just hope they fix that problem for good and business moves on.

That auto responder integrated with the software I was using and for some reason the creators made it for that one specific auto responder. Most of us get into this business so we can learn to get our time back. I had to learn other software’s that were just not confusing but time consuming.

The most part that sucked was this software I already invested in I owned it. The auto responder was $25 dollars a month, which is not bad if it worked would be better. I was worried if I found another software company that had to be integrated with another auto responder if this will happen again.

Don’t lose your traffic.

Why I worry is because I already lost contact with my list for month, I used investment traffic and they forgot who I was. When building a list most times people will not buy from you because they don’t know that’s why it’s important to learn relationships, and headlines/subject lines to increase your open rates.

We don’t want to waste time when starting a business, I am glad that I found an all in one software. No more integration everything is there. The training videos, how to create landing page, thank you page, sales letter, down offers, up offers, sequences, and even your own member site for courses etc.

The reason why I needed a software that did not integrate is because time is everything, I’m sure you out there can relate. The last thing anyone needs especially if you are starting at a budget is something going wrong. We all need something with little frustration and something more smooth.

Yes it is a learning curb just like anything else. If you have a question there is a Facebook group that is great, and if there are any technical issue support is on it.

The system I am talking about is Kartra it’s an all in one platform to run and make your business easy. Check out my FREE ebook here also access to Kartra for $1.00 trial.

How to create a landing page.

What’s the passion of your purpose in life? Visions

Visions of your future.

Is this a tough question to ponder on? I feel your thoughts. Kind of weird! When we get done with high school some of us know exactly what we want to do, and some of us think we want. Certain careers are not for everyone. Our visions do not appear until later.

Let’s dig in, school is not for everyone. There have been many successful men and women who dropped out of school and are living great. Jobs are not for everyone, if you have worked job after job after job and have went through that experience I am with you just can’t get ahead.

The streets are not for everybody as well.  Also the street life people are frowned upon. Most think he of she is a street hustler they sell drugs for a living they are bad. People do what they have to do in life good or bad.

Streets have signs everywhere.

The streets go everywhere. Visions

A street hustle can be anything, let’s forget about the negative stuff, they’re people whole hustle car parts they dig through the bone yard check the days they have sells going on. Find the right make and model then market to that specific niche in the automotive industry.

Some will hold signs asking for cash the things most frown upon are the things others are not willing to do. People flip cars in the street they hustle the real estate market; they get themselves in some kind of game and use social media to market making profits.

This is labeled as entrepreneurship being they own boss putting their ideas to work and sometimes leveraging other people money and even the Internet, thinking outside the box.

What the world needs. Visions

I mentioned earlier some things are not met for everybody, entrepreneurship can or is not for everybody. The world has needs for all fields to make this world spin. Think about it. I know someone out there is reading this article and they are an engineer, doctor, and lawyer.

They had a completely different journey in life. There are men and women who enjoy baking cakes, cooking, working on being a journalist. Some where is the process there is a struggle that comes with it and most give up their dreams because the road becomes to bumpy.

Keep your focus on what’s ahead.

We as human being decide to settle for less because of the stress. Life happens and sometimes we don’t know it until it’s too late but out emotions already took the hit for the worse. We decide to postpone our goals.

When things get hard. Visions

Eventually we start applying for jobs that are not in the field we want to be in, they call it go with the flow! You probably heard that before. We have a passion for the purpose of our lives that’s what god gifted us with; there are some people who want to comfort us with nice but negative sounding words. “It’ll be ok just be happy with what you have” What kind of support is that. It should be work the job but make your dreams priority.

Different types of mindsets out there! As much as you study practice fail, and learn from. You should be doing what you want. We all come different walks of life, however we are all humans who have a desire for something that we have passion for to live our lives.

I have been pondering on this article for some time already. I was lounging one night and my mind was running. I chose entrepreneurship in online business and real estate investing that’s me, but this world provides a load of opportunities to get involved in.

There are many skills I have not discovered yet and always learning something new. That’s what great about freedom, the open world that’s out there that we can chase bye doing the positive things in life. Find your passion of purpose.  

Get your free 2020 online business ebook here https://leosotx247.kartra.com/page/Getit

They Said Just Do It So I Did It. Digital marketing.

Taking the big leap

When It Started.

Awhile back when I was pondering on starting an online business, I had no choice but to star from the bottom and elevate up.

Learning the difference between the consumer mind and the investor mind! Education was needed. I never had a mentor someone to watch over my soldier and tell me what to do and what not to do. Someone live because many sell courses and say just follow the steps, now I am not sure if they leave out a piece of the puzzle. 

I invested in some courses, not any of them were the shinny object they did work, however I needed traffic like many others out there we can make a great landing page use investment traffic and build our list pretty fast. I was told YouTube is a highly recommended source, eventually I will get there. 

When Finally I jumped On YouTube

I should have documented my journey on YouTube, I did the blog thing, investment traffic, a few unsuccessful shoutouts on Instagram and the list goes on. I recently started a YouTube channel “Hustle The Struggle” channel that I provide tips, tools, and some free/investment traffic sources that I have discovered during my journey.

I know many men and women out have quit on their dreams because they were not getting any traction and in my opinion that’s a big mistake. This life is full of opportunities and many others out there have accomplished their dreams and goals but we just can’t give up.

Don’t Be A Full Time Loser.

Prior to starting my channel my story was not in the right place in my mind. I took and have been taking action on two separate careers online marketing and real estate investing which is tough for one guy but it was the life I chose! I can’t stop even if I wanted to because if I did just throw it all away I will become a full time loser.

On my channel I will be making videos on the struggles that are out there especially when you are doing it all by yourself. I know many people will read this and thing/say why did you not find a mentor? The thing is some people invest in education and don’t have extra funds laying around to hire a business mentor, life gets busy.

Not many others in tis entrepreneur world dive deep into the struggles they hit along the journey. Most hide and leave it as a bad memory. Not me because hustle the struggle relates to every thing in life, not just entrepreneurship. The people who went into other fields out in the world had to have some as well. Including weight loss, trying to become a better person and the list goes on. 

Also check out some of my articles on Medium.com

Making Learning For Your Future A Passion For Goals. 4 tips.

The Journey is real in the online business world. Love how you can reach the globe while drinking coffee, tea or what ever else while just on your laptop. Getting motivated. Sharing the knowledge on what I picked during this journey is something I always look forward to. Rewind when I first started learning it became a big change in life, however I enjoy it. I made it a passion of goals that needs to be reached so I’m glad to share.

Goals, motivation

I Quit, entrepreneurs don’t quit.

Incase you are all just starting and/or quit because you were not getting any where trust me when I say I did quit as well. It was only for two days because as I sat around constantly pondering on what I’m doing wrong I was back up and going. Whet we first start our business online nobody know us and if your like me and do not have a mentor side by side then things get tough.

When we sign up for a program with a proven system we think “yeah we are on our way” although we get sent emails and content we still do not have that person who knows all the steps to guide us who has the experience! It becomes a puzzle to solve which many of us give up.

I want to give you all my screw-ups because not many people talk about failure, yes they say it has happen but don’t list them. I will also be giving you what’s important to any business, which is how to get traffic the steps take time, and action needs to be taken.

In the beginning like I said I was a rookie did not have the knowledge or tools to build! Instead of me starting with a website I started with build sales funnels and buying solo ads. World I didn’t even know sales copy or content copy, inexperienced. There were times I wondered what I got myself into. This is how things can go when you are lone wolfing. As I continue I invested in other courses building the knowledge.

Learn price vs. VALUE, when you jump into this entrepreneur journey fresh. Some people might be naturals, which is ok cool great, but some of us we take hits.  My school of online education was LURN I stumbled onto a webinar tired of working these jobs so I make the investment and I will not lie at the moment I was skeptical but wrong.

At the time a name for a website could not be thought of I knew W.O.L.1 was naturally in mind “We Only Live 1nce” incase you are wondering. I am basically a guy that should not be writing this! That’s another story for another time. While building my email list with no story to tell about myself it really felt like being in a puzzle.

Gathering more tools to fix my problem. I looked at a lot of these men and women on the net building their business come to find out besides the funnels they also have blogs, honestly I didn’t know what a blog was and here I am.

How embarrassing.

True embarrassing story I’ll make this part short.  Not being familiar with platforms jumping around from Wix, Square space, and can’t remember the other one I settled with WordPress. Watching a course that was three hours plus took me a total about twelve hours not all in one day but total, come to find out I did it wrong. No help beside YouTube the site took me about eight extra this time and still not up to my standards but it’s more work in progress.

The word tool bag gets brought up a lot and that bag will constantly need more tools and most importantly action, nobody likes failure some will even get embarrassed and not want to talk about or just give up and stick with their day job. I will be giving access to a set of tools I needed and looked for months just could not find it. Just remember price vs. VALUE.

Pick a niche and master it stay motivated.

Niche picking. There are three things most people want finances, health, relationships. We have to dig in deep narrow them down while choosing, the best thing to do at the start not overwhelm yourself try not to get too excited take the right steps so you don’t lose out on time and money.


  1. Knowledge: attack your brain.
  2. Organize: plan out the goal.
  3. Take action.

Mindset to mind shift for goals.

The mindset becomes a mind shift, I was so focused on the money at first then I matured to learning to be a problem solver. People come first let’s take a quick look at some famous people. Doctor Oz helps so many people in health. LeBron James helps entertain crowds during games. Tony Robbins helps people reach their inner selves and brings out the beast! This is just a few but you get the point.

We all have to take the time to learn from others, even without a personal mentor. When the time comes you can say I built this from scratch. The Internet has a lot of free education; the reason I invested in other courses was because not everything is found on YouTube.

5 Strong Tips To Generate More Internet Traffic.

5 Strong tips to generate more internet traffic. If you have a website that you wish to attract more internet traffic to, you have come to the right place. In today’s cacophony of digital content, it can become difficult for you to establish your presence in the World Wide Web, no matter how enticing your content may be. Here in this article, this exact problem will be covered for you, especially if you are new to the game. Read on to find out how.

5 strong tips to generate more internet traffic.

Use attractive headlines.

One of the surest ways to mark your presence in the search engine rush is by creating a snazzy headline that immediately grabs people’s attention. Whether it is a blog post, article or some other general post, make sure that you use all the relevant keywords necessary for Search Engine Optimization. How you can manage that is something you will come across immediately.

Choose appropriate keywords:

This is one of the most important tactics to gain a size-able portion of the internet traffic. How you may go about doing that is by searching keywords pertinent to your article on Google to see if any other words are paired along in Google suggestions. Don’t just stop there. Try searching on YouTube to see not only how relevant your topic in consideration is, but which other long-tail keywords are brought up. You might want to use up all of these words to ensure that you do not leave anything behind while prepping your content.

Try different formats.

Monotony can turn away the best of loyalists. However, you can avoid that by ushering in a bit of fun diversity to your site. Mix and match! Try working with different formats and different styles on your site to attract different audience types and/or consumer bases. For example, you may want to incorporate words/pictures in your articles if they contain only plain text. Likewise, you might also want to add in some gifs, video clips to appeal to a less academically oriented audience.

Promote aggressively.

Creating a sizzling piece of content is one thing, bringing it to the table for others to savor is quite another. Once you are satisfied with the merit of your content piece, there remains no option left other than to promote, promote and promote! You may use several social media handles such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc to promote your content on. Meanwhile, Google+ promotion is excellent for making your site appear in personalized searches. There are also strategies to promote on Linked In. I found a tool called Zapier you can go directly to the website and/or find the plug-in for your website.

Approach Industry Leaders.

You might be surprised by this, but it is pretty simple to approach industry leaders for an interview if you simply ask them. It is true that a lot of them might turn down your request, but a lot many might also oblige you with an e-mail interview if you ask them for it. The benefits that such an interview could have for your blog are not hard to fathom. The credibility lent by a known name in a particular field can never go amiss. So start tracking your field’s bigwigs and make a list right away.

If you follow all the golden rules of internet traffic channelization as above, you can surely increase your site’s traffic by at least 15%. If you have not taken a look at the first link posted , I learned a lot from traffic secrets the creator is a man name John Reese. Learn how people learned to build agency companies.

7 Tips! How To Get Over Entrepreneur Journey Roadblocks.

The struggle becomes a real life situation in when building your own business. When we get started most of us get educated in the learning process shifting the mindset ATTACKING the goals that were said we can never do. You out there who have people in your lives saying just keep your job is a good thing but if it’s not what you see the future as, then it’s a hustle. How To Get Over Entrepreneur Journey Roadblocks.

The Start Up Mode.

When the journey began I had a lot to soak in, prior learning a little from YouTube watching motivation videos. The millionaires and billionaires say focus on one thing at a time. The time came on making the investment in myself. Working a job and studying real estate investing and online business with just videos no mentors on the side. Filling the brain with a wealth of knowledge but not applying, what’s the point?

What? Listen!
Tips! How To Get Over Entrepreneur Journey Roadblocks

The Visions.

If you have notice how people created buildings off of visions. I’m not talking about just buildings I mean cars, electronics etc. If any of you youngsters ever watch the movies of Terminator you will see how far we have came the point is we as humans can grow. I read a lot of book I like the ones of people who were born into poverty Gutter types and seen that they did not want their future to be re-runs of their past.

I know a lot of people hate reading, the reason for books that I have become addicted to books and yes I said it ADDICTED and I don’t mean any offense to anyone. Books opened my mind to the brains of others because we all come from different backgrounds in life. The path begins when you let your old self go and become a new you.

How Do They Do It!

Wondering what makes those people tick! The first book I read was “think and grow rich” in a part of the book he talks about Henry Ford and how he beat the competition in the automotive industry while others were selling higher priced vehicles he built and sold cars building a strong company that is still here till this day.

We all have something in us that is VALUE to the world. The understanding that not everyone wants to be a entrepreneur some people have the mind of being a doctor, engineer, scientist, inventor, and the list goes on! For many of these professions most people need a lot of schooling degrees etc. When time and in some cases money can start getting low to achieve these goals the struggle is there some people can’t deal with it.

Making The Moves.

We see these youngsters on the Internet making a good living doing affiliate marketing, Shopify, Amazon, and so many other opportunities that are right in front of us. If they can do it so can we but it takes dedication. These days there are many online courses to get involved in and spread yourself to the globe right from your home.

Let me be honest here when taking this path not having the know how is tough especially when no one knows you. Investing in the education was at first skeptical I didn’t like all the jobs I was doing since high school days. Then I read a quote “grind in your 20’s build in your 30’s so you can relax in your 40’s” everyday I repeat this. Challenging yourself to rise is priority. Keep in mind it starts with learning applying and failing.

Repeating Facing Failures , How To Get Over.

Being a failure sucks if you’re an emotional person and have a hard time controlling it, it can get to you. I bring this up because choosing two different goals real estate and going online being a lone wolf is hard and yes it’s also my fault a lot of thing are my fault but I will get to that later. A tough lesson can be when you are building a sales funnels and running paid traffic to them to build your email list and they opt-in but no one buys.

Keep pushing forward to build that list things seem to be getting being then your auto responder for emails starts having technical difficulties. I am saying this all out of my experience, I never hear about what to do when you hit roadblocks but I learned you have to be like water and find your way through. So we are picking up the education and the experience all time and money invested with no ROI return on investment.

Take A Break!

You can’t stop and should not stop when things are getting to you take a little break workout, play a sport release the pressure in you mind so you start with a clear plan here’s a few ideas. If the goal is to build something out of nothing it will take time. Sometimes it’s good to re-organize the strategy. Rushing can lead to disappointment.

The reason for real estate investing training thing about it what are we standing on! Land, soaking in the knowledge learning how to invest with no money no credit wholesaling but the main goal apartments. The excitement of these two tough goals have been beating me up but I love to learn. I rather fall forward than backwards, you can learn all these strategies in real estate but if you don’t know how to talk to people that’s a problem.

Everything starts with people if you doing online business, real estate, and/or any other business you need people. If you shy maybe stutter at times need to work on because you’re becoming a problem solver. Sometimes you get in deals then you have to back off deals example I had a few deals under contract and some people want proof of funds which I thought I could get them with a call away I was wrong which made me look and appear unprepared.

How To Get Over Entrepreneur Journey Roadblocks


Getting back to failures, many times the failures came because I did not take the time to network for certain people who can provide the tools I need building those relationship are important for your business. I wanted to blame others but while looking in the mirror I can only blame myself. This is why sometimes if you depend on others to help you need to understand they are busy as well or let’s be honest they most likely don’t care.

This goes for online and real estate business, we need to hold ourselves accountable. If moving too fast is causing mistakes slow down a little. Don’t do dumb things like me and do one thing at a time you will get further soon the money will come in. If you are doing the online biz and the auto responder is messing up hurting your business then find an all in one platform.

If your real estate biz is hurting you might have to get on the phone and start making calls. I learned that a lot of people do not respond to letters even though they are in a distress situation. The point is sometimes we have to do thing other people are not will to do. Remember if this were easy everyone would be doing it.

How to use SEO tool for driving traffic to your website

 How to use SEO tools.

The role of Search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be overemphasized in getting traffic to your website. It is a great tool and strategy for improving your site ranking in search engines. Your question should be how does it work, how can I increase my chances of ranking well on the search engine. follow these modern crucial elements.


Keywords For SEO.

Keywords are a great tool in optimization.(SEO) Adding keywords in your topic and header tags, meta descriptions, and body of your contents, these keywords are what tell search engines what your site and pages are about, and it makes your page contents relevant when users search for those keywords. use combined keywords the words and phrases you could use to sum up your website.

For example, if your business is a toy dealer, you may think that words like “toys” are worth trying to rank for. And while it would be great if all users who searched “toys” were directed to your site, it’s not that easy when there are thousands of other sites about toys. But if you use a combination of keywords like “toy dealer” you will have a better chance of ranking well.

Quality post SEO.

Provision of quality post helps your website in ranking well on the search engine, although search engines cannot  read your contents like humans, they can look at a few signals to determine whether your content is worth recommending to searchers or not.

When creating contents on your website, it’s very crucial that they have substantial content. Short contents may be easier to produce, but don’t provide much to readers. Because of this, you should aim for quality contents over quantity. That does not mean that you need to write long pages, but that you should always provide crucial information to your site visitors.

Regular update.

Search engines prefer sites that are regularly updating their content. It implies that you can not just create a bunch of pages and then let them sit for months without adding fresh content, hoping that your website traffic will increase.

If your content on those pages is good, there is no need to change them just for SEO purposes. Instead of that consider starting a blog. If you post twice a week, this will show search engines that your website is being maintained and updated constantly.


Backlinks is a great strategy to attract new audiences and bring more visitors to your website. Try to take advantage of any opportunity to write content for another site. If the editor allows it, add links to your website in the article, by doing so you have the advantage of driving great traffic to your site, to have great result try using a high domain website, before you realize it you would have gained much traffic your site in no time. This tool is very crucial,it has yielded positive results by the user of this great tool.

Margin content links.

There are chances that some of your web pages, articles, and blog content are related. When they are, link this content together. If you have written a post about inspiration, for example, link it to an earlier post of quotes. By doing this you have just created a chance of improving your website ranking, this is a great tool that you can bank on. when you marge links together on your web this will hook the audience and make them glued to your site, in no time.

FREE Course

Real Estate Investing. The Four Pillars Of Wealth.

Researching And Doing Your Due Diligence.

While many of us browse the net we find a lot of interesting topics on how to make money in real estate investing. We get interested nice shiny objects some people think automatically it’s a scam.  There have been a lot of scammers out there taking advantage of people, which make us on the alert because in the business world we live in people should be honest, decent and able to help others. Learning the four pillars of wealth is important FREE webinar!

Non clickable! A few courses

Making The Choice In real estate investing.

When the time came and I knew that the corporate life was not going to be in my future for long. I was looking into a school to learn real estate investing and at first I went to a few seminars with the gurus talking about the good life exciting up the room with promises of a great future. Although I knew how the pitch works some of these seminars were charging 10k for one course.

I know some of you out there have experienced something similar and held your guard. I don’t blame you, I seen many pull out their credit cards and make the purchase and I hope the best for them. The strategy of using “OPM” others people’s money is great if used the correct way. I learned this when using OPM when I learned real estate investing is not going anywhere as long as we walk this earth there will always be land.

Exploring Opportunities. Real Estate Investing

Investing 10 k in one course was not for me in my opinion. I knew I was going to make an investment in some education but I wanted A BANG for my BUCKS.  Being skeptical and window-shopping and procrastinating my time away. Prior to attending these seminars I attended another one I was on the hunt I was in need, college was costing me too much and I knew when it comes to the corporate life it’s not what you know it’s who you know!


What I learned from the corporate path was the time ran its course. I should have done it a long time ago meaning use it as a stepping-stone after having many jobs since high school I wish knowing the now would have been great back then. Throughout companies meeting people who have went to college got their degree and not being able work in the field they went to school for.

While making my investment all the nerves and excited I found this school Renatus full of content courses. Many people out there might say you can learn real estate on the Internet and yes we can to a certain extent and most people or companies usually give the basics good content no doubt then the sales pitch. The courses offer at Renatus go in-depth each niche, strategy we are talking six to nine hour courses all in a one stop shop, and are always updated for life.

Opening Up You Doors In Your Brain.

When attending my first class started to be honest I was taking the class on my laptop there was an older man teaching I sat there and was like what does this man know! My mindset was still in the employee mode arrogant and ignorant. After a moment I found out the man has over thirty years experience I grabbed my pen and paper and took notes like a champ.

The time of soaking the knowledge was in the winter it was cold outside so there was no reason to be out there, I rather learn and learn some more because this is for the future, learn it and hustle it. The good thing is you can download the classes onto an iPod or mp3 player and play them in the car or at the gym real convenient for this day and age.

When You Know You Invested In A Legit Company.

The legit companies out there will tell you that it’s not a get rich over night. When it’s comes to entrepreneurship of any kind you want to be on you A game. It takes time to learn, some of us like me for example it took time to soak it in remember this is not one class we are talking about. I love my journey that I chose. There are a few questions to ask before making any investment.

The shift of the mindset!
  1. Who is someone I can reach out to for coaching?
  2. When all is learned and looking for deals, whom can I call on for funding? Always good to have a few!
  3. Always check with the (BBB) Better business bureau and ask them questions about the company you are going to invest in.

You can lone wolf anything although it’s good to build up your network/team to make things easier. This is a community of like-minded women and men who are interested in helping one another. Always stay in touch with people and this goes for other communities you have joined because if you leave the pack people will assume you want to be by yourself.


How Instagram can help grow your business.

How to grow/build your business/brand using the Instagram platform.

Every businessman always craves to increase their sales and stay ahead of their competitors. How Instagram can help grow your business. A business that has a great advertising strategy should expect robust earnings at the end of the day. Traditional online advertisement are long gone. According to a research by hub spot, 64% of individuals who use ad blockers tend to find ads annoying. It’s important to find alternative methods to advertise. Your brand and stay in the latest marketing trend to deliver the brand message. Ephemeral content!, even though this kind of content disappears after 24 hours, it has proved to be a very powerful marketing strategy.

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The Power Of Social Media Platforms.

A lot of social media platforms such as Snap chat, Instagram and Facebook provides an opportunity to share temporary content. However, Instagram is the most common platform where users like posting stories, lives streaming and other kinds of brief content. Instagram transient content have become very popular. Has gained 250 million daily active users within just a year of its launch. Surpassing the snap chat version. Keep in mind that 75% of users take various action such as search shop. They visit website after watching a post. 72% of users have made purchases especially fashion, beauty and style products. 70% of campaigns showed significant increases for online conversions.

Have you ever wondered why investing time and money in content that lasts for a brief period of time is worth giving it a try. Then here are a list of benefits that ephemeral content offers businesses. One benefit is that it helps beat the Instagram algorithm. Instagram decided to change their algorithm in March 2016 from the previous chronological order model. Instagram helps users view content that they find interesting to them. Its also estimated that 10% of your audience actually views your posts and although that creates trouble for marketers. Ephemeral marketing will help your brand get seen in a different app feed and thus does not get buried in the news feed.

Turn networking into stories.

Use Instagram Stories.

Transient content also last for 24 hours thus providing a FOMO (fear of missing out) effect to users. A lot of individuals watch instagram stories and live streams because they don’t want to miss out something important. It also helps marketers advertise their brand without creating an over posting fatigue to their followers. A business can share vital stuff such as behind the scene moments and other short lived content. Which assists your brand to stay fresh. This kind of content assists marketers make the most out of social media marketing. Most importantly turn their instagram followers into customers, and also bring their businesses to new levels.

Build Followers.

Instagram stories can really help turn your followers to customers as more Instagrammers upload and watch stories every day. Although, they only last for 24 hours. They have quit a lot of benefits and have encouraged many users to spend more time viewing them. Therefore, this is indeed a great way to beat Instagram algorithm and promote your product out there. Also share other important things without annoying followers. Adding location tags can also attract new customers who may be interested in your geographical location.

Putting Your Brands On Display.

Instagram stories also enhance online shopping where brands can display their products from different angles to make their customers fill comfortable. Moreover, stories can lead to impulse sales as customers are afraid of missing out on various offers. Also to get a link feature on your IG story. You need to have at least 10k followers on your business account. Once you have this, you can add story links and increase visitors to your website. Help turn followers into customers.

Stories highlights, a new feature released by Instagram. It’s also very vital as it helps keep and save your stories for more than 24 hours. It enables users to create story albums and also make ephemeral content long-term so that your followers can view it whenever they want to. Moreover, you decide which stories you want to display under your profile. Although a lot of instagram users love watching Instagram stories.hey may miss out on something important and stories highlights helps solve this problem.

Live Stream Videos.

Stories Highlights appear at the top of your profile and thus making it easy for users to access your products and offers easily. Story highlights will help you boost sales by showcasing new arrivals, products or offers, build trust and increase your brand loyalty. Live streaming is also a crucial way to put out your brand out there and connect with followers.

Video marketing has been on the rise and Instagram live has attracted many users as it offers urgent, interactive and unique content. You can live stream various activities such as product launch, behind the scene moments, online tutorial, showcase events, and engage in Q&A’s with followers who may turn into potential customers. This few and simple Instagram features can be very helpful when trying to showcase your brand to the public.

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