Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Can’t Be Stopped.

A true story I want to share. When I first got started I was excited because I don’t know anyone personally who jumped into something to make a big change. My main goal is to go online to share myself with everyone else. I didn’t have a story to share until I got my experience.

The Road To Goals.

Focus On One Thing At A Time.

My goals were too much at one time I could not resist. I started my brand W.O.L.1 which means We Only Live 1nce. I am one of those guys who could have been dead already so it was time to get creative and blend in with everyone who agrees.

There were a few problems too many jobs and not getting anywhere in life was not working for me. One night there was a webinar that caught my interest another toolkit to solve my problems. As you all can see too much at one time. I jumped in both at once, was it a good idea or bad!

Most of these courses I have taken they are six to nine hours each filled with hours of wealth education that I never knew about how to shift the mindset. Just these few of these courses will turn an average person mind around because it did it to me. Having the mind of an entrepreneur is different than working for someone.

The online education pack I invested in was all about Internet business. I was having trouble at first because I didn’t understand it at first. There is a lot to learn when you enter this field, copywriting sales and content. If you can be valuable to someone and solve their problems it’s going to be tough.

The Mix Of Entrepreneurs Education.

Before I even knew of the 10x rule Grant Cardone I was taking classes back to back one day is was real estate and the next was online modules people were looking at me at work, home and wherever I laid my laptop to study with a pen and pad.  Started to learn all the other tools that are free, podcast, YouTube, etc.

The Excitement.

When beginning with my real estate investing school I was happy to learn that there is a community there that will help when needed. I did meet some trustworthy people in the community. The naysayers were quick to ask what did you get yourself involved. My response was these are goals that I want to hit, and I know it’s not easy if it were everybody would be doing it.

Cramming all this knowledge in a short amount of time with no support meaning like-minded friends or family everyone just waiting. All this time period there was no dating, partying and drinking came to a stop it was all about focus.

The Struggles.

The day was in December 2017, BAM car wreck happen. I have been through worse but those are other stories. Stopped at a red light waiting for the light to turn green and rear-ended my seat broke. I took the impact this was not good. I had everything ready to go.

Before this car wreck, there are a lot of exercise routines that I like to do perform to keep me functioning correctly. Those exercises were no longer able to achieve, when that car hit me it messed up my upper back. My lawyer and doctor told me to take time away from work. I looked around for some real estate deals to wholesale working with the agent I noticed memory loss. Knowledge on hard money and private money were gone I had to learn them again.

Lone Wolfing.

I wanted to check to see if I still knew the online modules I learned, my knowledge my memory was damaged. Made an appointment with the doctor and asked what the hell is going on with me. The doctor told me that the other driver was going fast due to the impact ending in shaking my brain was the cause of the memory loss.

The Setback.

Being hurt from this wreck caused me a setback. Let me go into details before back in time being ignorant to others not knowing about depression I never thought it would happen to me all this that I am sharing in detail was stories you see out movies and books. The challenge was worse, I was not myself for a long time with no one to turn to I had to rework myself into the product I was creating which was me.

Keep Moving.

Talk about being on your own going from being excided about the path that was built and a fraction of a second, things can change. It took time to recover my main focus at this time was my memory. Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself I had to relearn almost everything. Opened the laptop took courses all over again.

Lost Of Mentor.

This guy who was supposed to be my mentor in the real estate was not answering my calls. The good thing is I kept in contact with some good buyers. As for my big mistake was depending on him. All these courses give you all the tools needed to move forward. Relearned my online courses.

The best thing to do is one thing at a time, I violated that rule, however I have learned a lot now I am applying it. Many out there can relate others do different business as for me I use a job as a stepping stone if you like. Keep learning and moving forward.

Some people have had worse happen and pushed through. If any of you reading this are having trouble with your business or somewhat related to mine. I have found some tools and free eBooks’ I will be giving out.

7 Blogging Tips For Beginners.

Being successful online starts with the foundation for your business – your website. We want to start by teaching you how to build an awesome website. In our series of simple video tutorials and fun step-by-step guides, you’ll find that it is incredibly important to set this up properly. 

What are the steps?

We give you the step-by-step guide to get up and running with a successful website by covering the following items:

1. Hosting and Domain Name

Getting set up fast with a hosting service and selecting a domain name so your website can have a physical address on the internet.

2. Installing WordPress:

We use an incredibly powerful tool called WordPress. WordPress is a free website building software which enables you to build your website quickly and easily without needing to be an expert.

3. Understanding the basics of WordPress:

Learning the fundamentals is key. From learning how to create pages and posts, add images, and other options for customization, you can get up and running in no time. 

4: Introduction to Plugins: 

Plugins are essentially custom features that add to the functionality of a website. They can very easily be downloaded and installed and transform any aspect of your site allowing for full customization.

5: Building our first sales funnel:

Here is where things get really exciting!

Now it’s time to really focus on the process of turning your website into a highly profitable machine. The way to do this is through a simple, yet brilliant process of setting into place what we call a “Funnel.” 

The basic idea is that you have website visitors landing on your website and leaving to, in some cases, never return. Rather than having this traffic come and go, we hope to ensure they’ll come back by capturing one single piece of information from them — their email address. 

Once we have their email, we now have a way to directly reach out to them with a specific offer or a specific message we hope to present to them. The way to do this is not to just simply ask for their email address as there would be nothing in it for them. Instead we need to offer them some sort of high value item in exchange for their email. 

This is what we call a “Lead Magnet Offer” or an “Opt-in Incentive.” The Lead Magnet offer is the way to begin the process of turning a cold website visitor into a red-hot customer. It begins your sales funnel and is an absolute necessity in order to be successful online

6.Why you should care.

We believe that building a successful business online should be fun, not stressful, time consuming or costly. Step #1 of our 3-Step WTC System gives you a blueprint for success so you know exactly what you need to do, but more importantly, how to do it. 

7.How you can get started.

We show you exactly how to set up each of these steps properly through our video series found on our website: We get you up and running with a website that focuses on achieving a successful online business in no time. 

  1. Website.
  2. Traffic.
  3. Customers.