7 Tips! How To Get Over Entrepreneur Journey Roadblocks.

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7 Tips! How To Get Over Entrepreneur Journey Roadblocks.

7 Tips !The struggle becomes a real life situation in when building your own business. When we get started most of us get educated in the learning process shifting the mindset ATTACKING the goals that were said we can never do. You out there who have people in your lives saying just keep your job is a good thing but if it’s not what you see the future as, then it’s a hustle. How To Get Over Entrepreneur Journey Roadblocks.

The Start Up Mode. How To Get Over Entrepreneur Journey Roadblocks.

When the journey began I had a lot to soak in, prior learning a little from YouTube watching motivation videos. The millionaires and billionaires say focus on one thing at a time. The time came on making the investment in myself. Working a job and studying real estate investing and online business with just videos no mentors on the side of me. Filling the brain with a wealth of knowledge but not applying, what’s the point?

What? Listen!
Tips! How To Get Over Entrepreneur Journey Roadblocks

The Visions. How To Get Over Entrepreneur Journey Roadblocks.

If you have notice how people created buildings off of visions. I’m not talking about just buildings I mean cars, electronics etc. If any of you youngsters ever watch the movies of Terminator you will see how far we have came the point is we as humans can grow. I read a lot of book I like the ones of people who were born into poverty Gutter types and seen that they did not want their future to be re-runs of their past.

I know a lot of people hate reading, the reason for books that I have become addicted to books and yes I said it ADDICTED and I don’t mean any offense to anyone. Books opened my mind to the brains of others because we all come from different backgrounds in life. The path begins when you let your old self go and become a new you.

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How Do They Do It!

Wondering what makes those people tick! The first book I read was “think and grow rich” in a part of the book he talks about Henry Ford and how he beat the competition in the automotive industry while others were selling higher priced vehicles he built and sold cars building a strong company that is still here till this day.

We all have something in us that is VALUE to the world. The understanding that not everyone wants to be a entrepreneur some people have the mind of being a doctor, engineer, scientist, inventor, and the list goes on! For many of these professions most people need a lot of schooling degrees etc. When time and in some cases money can start getting low to achieve these goals the struggle is there some people can’t deal with it.

Making The Moves.

We see these youngsters on the Internet making a good living doing affiliate marketing, Shopify, Amazon, and so many other opportunities that are right in front of us. If they can do it so can we but it takes dedication. These days there are many online courses to get involved in and spread yourself to the globe right from your home.

Let me be honest here when taking this path not having the know how is tough especially when no one knows you. Investing in the education was at first skeptical I didn’t like all the jobs I was doing since high school days. Then I read a quote “grind in your 20’s build in your 30’s so you can relax in your 40’s” everyday I repeat this. Challenging yourself to rise is priority. Keep in mind it starts with learning applying and failing.

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Repeating Facing Failures , How To Get Over.

Being a failure sucks if you’re an emotional person and have a hard time controlling it, it can get to you. I bring this up because choosing two different goals real estate and going online being a lone wolf is hard and yes it’s also my fault a lot of thing are my fault but I will get to that later. A tough lesson can be when you are building a sales funnels and running paid traffic to them to build your email list and they opt-in but no one buys.

Keep pushing forward to build that list things seem to be getting being then your auto responder for emails starts having technical difficulties. I am saying this all out of my experience, I never hear about what to do when you hit roadblocks but I learned you have to be like water and find your way through. So we are picking up the education and the experience all time and money invested with no ROI return on investment.

Take A Break!

You can’t stop and should not stop when things are getting to you take a little break workout, play a sport release the pressure in you mind so you start with a clear plan here’s a few ideas. If the goal is to build something out of nothing it will take time. Sometimes it’s good to re-organize the strategy. Rushing can lead to disappointment.

The reason for real estate investing training thing about it what are we standing on! Land, soaking in the knowledge learning how to invest with no money no credit wholesaling but the main goal apartments. The excitement of these two tough goals have been beating me up but I love to learn. I rather fall forward than backwards, you can learn all these strategies in real estate but if you don’t know how to talk to people that’s a problem.

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Everything starts with people if you doing online business, real estate, and/or any other business you need people. If you shy maybe stutter at times need to work on because you’re becoming a problem solver. Sometimes you get in deals then you have to back off deals example I had a few deals under contract and some people want proof of funds which I thought I could get them with a call away I was wrong which made me look and appear unprepared.

How To Get Over Entrepreneur Journey Roadblocks.
How To Get Over Entrepreneur Journey Roadblocks


Getting back to failures, many times the failures came because I did not take the time to network for certain people who can provide the tools I need building those relationship are important for your business. I wanted to blame others but while looking in the mirror I can only blame myself. This is why sometimes if you depend on others to help you need to understand they are busy as well or let’s be honest they most likely don’t care.

This goes for online and real estate business, we need to hold ourselves accountable. If moving too fast is causing mistakes slow down a little. Don’t do dumb things like me and do one thing at a time you will get further soon the money will come in. If you are doing the online biz and the auto responder is messing up hurting your business then find an all in one platform.

If your real estate biz is hurting you might have to get on the phone and start making calls. I learned that a lot of people do not respond to letters even though they are in a distress situation. The point is sometimes we have to do thing other people are not will to do. Remember if this were easy everyone would be doing it.

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