How Instagram can help grow your business.

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How to grow/build your business/brand using the Instagram platform.

Every businessman always craves to increase their sales and stay ahead of their competitors. How Instagram can help grow your business. A business that has a great advertising strategy should expect robust earnings at the end of the day. Traditional online advertisement are long gone. According to a research by hub spot, 64% of individuals who use ad blockers tend to find ads annoying. It’s important to find alternative methods to advertise. Your brand and stay in the latest marketing trend to deliver the brand message. Ephemeral content!, even though this kind of content disappears after 24 hours, it has proved to be a very powerful marketing strategy.

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The Power Of Social Media Platforms.

A lot of social media platforms such as Snap chat, Instagram and Facebook provides an opportunity to share temporary content. However, Instagram is the most common platform where users like posting stories, lives streaming and other kinds of brief content. Instagram transient content have become very popular. Has gained 250 million daily active users within just a year of its launch. Surpassing the snap chat version. Keep in mind that 75% of users take various action such as search shop. They visit website after watching a post. 72% of users have made purchases especially fashion, beauty and style products. 70% of campaigns showed significant increases for online conversions.

Have you ever wondered why investing time and money in content that lasts for a brief period of time is worth giving it a try. Then here are a list of benefits that ephemeral content offers businesses. One benefit is that it helps beat the Instagram algorithm. Instagram decided to change their algorithm in March 2016 from the previous chronological order model. Instagram helps users view content that they find interesting to them. Its also estimated that 10% of your audience actually views your posts and although that creates trouble for marketers. Ephemeral marketing will help your brand get seen in a different app feed and thus does not get buried in the news feed.

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Turn networking into stories.

Use Instagram Stories.

Transient content also last for 24 hours thus providing a FOMO (fear of missing out) effect to users. A lot of individuals watch instagram stories and live streams because they don’t want to miss out something important. It also helps marketers advertise their brand without creating an over posting fatigue to their followers. A business can share vital stuff such as behind the scene moments and other short lived content. Which assists your brand to stay fresh. This kind of content assists marketers make the most out of social media marketing. Most importantly turn their instagram followers into customers, and also bring their businesses to new levels.

Build Followers.

Instagram stories can really help turn your followers to customers as more Instagrammers upload and watch stories every day. Although, they only last for 24 hours. They have quit a lot of benefits and have encouraged many users to spend more time viewing them. Therefore, this is indeed a great way to beat Instagram algorithm and promote your product out there. Also share other important things without annoying followers. Adding location tags can also attract new customers who may be interested in your geographical location.

Putting Your Brands On Display.

Instagram stories also enhance online shopping where brands can display their products from different angles to make their customers fill comfortable. Moreover, stories can lead to impulse sales as customers are afraid of missing out on various offers. Also to get a link feature on your IG story. You need to have at least 10k followers on your business account. Once you have this, you can add story links and increase visitors to your website. Help turn followers into customers.

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Stories highlights, a new feature released by Instagram. It’s also very vital as it helps keep and save your stories for more than 24 hours. It enables users to create story albums and also make ephemeral content long-term so that your followers can view it whenever they want to. Moreover, you decide which stories you want to display under your profile. Although a lot of instagram users love watching Instagram stories.hey may miss out on something important and stories highlights helps solve this problem.

Live Stream Videos.

Stories Highlights appear at the top of your profile and thus making it easy for users to access your products and offers easily. Story highlights will help you boost sales by showcasing new arrivals, products or offers, build trust and increase your brand loyalty. Live streaming is also a crucial way to put out your brand out there and connect with followers.

Video marketing has been on the rise and Instagram live has attracted many users as it offers urgent, interactive and unique content. You can live stream various activities such as product launch, behind the scene moments, online tutorial, showcase events, and engage in Q&A’s with followers who may turn into potential customers. This few and simple Instagram features can be very helpful when trying to showcase your brand to the public.

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