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Life can take a turn.

Life happens to all of us in a good way or in a bad way and sometimes we are not prepared for the worse. Some of have been excited to start aiming for something out of the box, ready firing towards our goals, then BAM this crisis happens hits the world unexpected worse than a kick to the jaw.

Helping others.

Me personally I pray for others to get well to keep living life, and making memorable moments. I promise I am not going to get into anything religious just me being I.

With most people being in their houses at this time it’s a time to give any assistance. Giving them something they can read or even a children’s eBook’s for their families. Most men and women work at a company and when it comes to the Internet they are still learning.

Even though times like this we have to have precautions still live our lives. Watch something funny to make us laugh. Gather some food and cook or BBQ some great meals and make the best of it.

Be part of the solution not the problem.

Start writing articles putting yourself out there and try to help as many people as possible. This is a time to read and study many say the storm will eventually pass bye, in the mean while learn take some time and get educated in something that you always wanted to do.


In this article I am going to give you a few free eBook’s that you can download and read from any device. Recently that’s what I been doing taking training courses and reading books to keep me sharp and motivated.

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Many that read this might be in a state or country that you are under quarantine. Here where I am at we are not yet, but most are doing their best to stay safe, I hope. Some don’t listen of course but that’s up to them until other wise.

In the meanwhile don’t stress yourself out, try to cut out as much news as possible stay indoor can you make the best out of it. I am also going to give you an invitation to my YouTube channel it might be able to help. I have a lot of free knowledge that I invested in but you can get it there for free. It’s more focused on online marketing/entrepreneurship.

What we didn’t know.

Nobody knew the virus was going to happen, now that many of us have to be at a distance to keep this from spreading. Right now is the perfect time to jump into the Internet learn from the free sources then if you have to make an investment in yourself.

Let me jump into the benefits that feel great about learning the Internet, First of all people meaning friends and family will doubt you then some day they will hear the way to talk and what you have learned. Those little discussions will make them thing about what they missed out on.

Not for anyone to think they are better than anyone else, but you took the time and invested in you. Now that many of us are at home we can work from the laptop. building your own email list is important just incase Facebook were to shut down or any other social media you will always have a email list so you can reach out to your audience.

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The best thing you can do is get started, we all start some where. What’s most important is where you end and the progress you succeed.

Are you where you want to be in life?

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