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Researching And Doing Your Due Diligence.

While many of us browse the net we find a lot of interesting topics on how to make money in real estate investing. We get interested nice shiny objects some people think automatically it’s a scam.  There have been a lot of scammers out there taking advantage of people, which make us on the alert because in the business world we live in people should be honest, decent and able to help others. Quick briefing FREE webinar!

These are some courses that pack extreme POWER.

Making The Choice In Real Estate Investing.

When the time came and I knew that the corporate life was not going to be in my future for long. I was looking into a school to learn real estate investing and at first I went to a few seminars with the gurus talking about the good life exciting up the room with promises of a great future. Although I knew how the pitch works some of these seminars were charging 10k for one course.

I know some of you out there have experienced something similar and held your guard. I don’t blame you, I seen many pull out their credit cards and make the purchase and I hope the best for them. The strategy of using “OPM” others people’s money is great if used the correct way. I learned this when using OPM when I learned real estate investing is not going anywhere as long as we walk this earth there will always be land.

Exploring Opportunities. Real Estate Investing.

Investing 10 k in one course was not for me in my opinion. I knew I was going to make an investment in some education but I wanted A BANG for my BUCKS.  Being skeptical and window-shopping and procrastinating my time away. Prior to attending these seminars I attended another one I was on the hunt I was in need, college was costing me too much and I knew when it comes to the corporate life it’s not what you know it’s who you know!


What I learned from the corporate path was the time ran its course. I should have done it a long time ago meaning use it as a stepping-stone after having many jobs since high school I wish knowing the now would have been great back then. Throughout companies meeting people who have went to college got their degree and not being able work in the field they went to school for.

While making my investment all the nerves and excited I found this school Renatus full of content courses. Many people out there might say you can learn real estate on the Internet and yes we can to a certain extent and most people or companies usually give the basics good content no doubt then the sales pitch. The courses offer at Renatus go in-depth each niche, strategy we are talking six to nine hour courses all in a one stop shop, and are always updated for life.

Opening Up You Doors In Your Brain.

When attending my first class started to be honest I was taking the class on my laptop there was an older man teaching I sat there and was like what does this man know! My mindset was still in the employee mode arrogant and ignorant. After a moment I found out the man has over thirty years experience I grabbed my pen and paper and took notes like a champ.

The time of soaking the knowledge was in the winter it was cold outside so there was no reason to be out there, I rather learn and learn some more because this is for the future, learn it and hustle it. The good thing is you can download the classes onto an iPod or mp3 player and play them in the car or at the gym real convenient for this day and age.

When You Know You Invested In A Legit Company.

The legit companies out there will tell you that it’s not a get rich over night. When it’s comes to entrepreneurship of any kind you want to be on you A game. It takes time to learn, some of us like me for example it took time to soak it in remember this is not one class we are talking about. I love my journey that I chose. There are a few questions to ask before making any investment.

The shift of the mindset!
  1. Who is someone I can reach out to for coaching?
  2. When all is learned and looking for deals, whom can I call on for funding? Always good to have a few!
  3. Always check with the (BBB) Better business bureau and ask them questions about the company you are going to invest in.

You can lone wolf anything although it’s good to build up your network/team to make things easier. This is a community of like-minded women and men who are interested in helping one another. Always stay in touch with people and this goes for other communities you have joined because if you leave the pack people will assume you want to be by yourself.

Here are some move videos for you to check out.

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