Taking 1 Of Your Ideas And Making It Turn Into Value To Others. The beauty of life.

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Sweetness of life.

Sugar coat your beauty. What the human being is capable of, there are some people out there who have great ideas but never do they put it to work. Then later on they find out somebody else had an idea that was similar and put it to work and made it real popular.

Sugar coat your beauty.

People making names for themselves.

If we take a look at some of the successful people out there John D Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and the list goes on. There are men and women out there who have succeeded by planting an idea, watering it to watch it grow.

When I first started this sugarcoat your beauty I didn’t know much about what I was doing. I started with a Facebook page and for about a year it floated in Facebook, I was receiving notifications about do something with this page or we will delete it.

The reason why I left it alone was because I couldn’t create women’s content and my idea was on pause. I would ponder on how I could make this Facebook page popular in one way or another, promoting it wasn’t going to do much because there was no product to promote it would Have been a waste of money.


The frustration that happens.

Pondering constantly, a while back this woman signed me with NuSkin. I created an account but never used it. I decided to match the NuSkin with my sugarcoat your beauty Facebook page then I launched it. My cost per click was kind of high, I was getting good results names, emails, and created a list. It felt pretty good the feedback I was receiving thinking maybe this can go somewhere.

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The human mind could be strong, when we put our minds to something anything is possible. Think way back as a child learning to walk then wanting to run. It’s the same thing, even though we fall at times we could always get back up and continue our progress.

When learning to use software‘s to build my businesses. There was a few fallbacks with one software that I was using and I didn’t want that to continue. So I found another software that has been great. It took a little time for me to design my website and make it look appealing to an audience who has interest. Surprisingly my domain name was not taken, so with a small little investment and A chrome extension called honey I got my domain for the price of a cup of coffee.

Get you some extensions to help.

You probably heard of the chrome extension called honey if you have not you might want to check it out. While designing my website I kept jumping back-and-forth making sure this look right this look right. I finally created my Simple website to give value to my new subscribers, and some great content.

This simple website was not easy considering I am not the best designer especially for a niche I am jumping into. I had to learn quick, the process already started there was no turning back. I hope this comes out to become a great website that can deliver value and create some great relationships.

Sugar Coat Your Beauty world. There are so many reasons to take passionate great care of yourself. We only live once, those four words carry a lot of meaning. In many different niches. As people our impressions matter in this world and of course there are times we are relaxing with sweats on the weekend, but when it’s time to get up and go, go for gold. Let’s make every day count, and have a blessed life.

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Taking 1 Of Your Ideas And Making It Turn Into Value To Others.

Thank you for reading.

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