The best way to predict the future is to create it. In Finance.

This is a popular quote, if you are reading this it is because you are tired of your 9-to-5 job, Learn some in finance. You’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck, you wonder why you work so hard and cannot get ahead. I know what it’s like, our school systems taught us to be employees.

Leave the 40-40-40 plan, which means 40+ hours a week 40+ years of your life and hopefully retire off 40% of your retirement. This is scary especially in this time in life. If you have grown inside a wealthy family who has money and everything set aside already this article is not for you.

While at work on breaks and a lunch watching YouTube videos on motivation. Not knowing the power of YouTube at that moment but I will get to that later. Picking books to read to open up the doors in the brain on what potential the man or woman have to succeed in this world.


We hear this word come up a lot in our minds, it takes a while to learn it. Because of the way that we were taught to go to school, get a job working way up the corporate ladder and all the other nice talk. I was reading this book called pitch anything. Now I am not promoting it in any way, however the man who wrote the book really put it in detail on how the human mind works.

According to the book they talk about the crock brain and the neocortex part of the brain. The croc brain is considered the scarcity it represents someone who always takes caution and everything he or she does. The neocortex is the part of the brain that is more advanced, takes risk and is open to opportunity.

After reading the book I decided to study this a little bit because I and few others I knew were working on our mindsets to get it put in the right functioning order. You see people do it all the time and never fully dive deep into them. You have all these entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Grant Cardone, Oprah Winfrey, And the list goes on.

Thinking like a consumer and thinking like an investor.

The mindset of a consumer is someone who is constantly buying stuff that’s not going to benefit him or her. For example, there are people out there who want to get out of their 9 to 5 job they’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck but they continue buying things that are not going to benefit them in any way for the future.

Buying liabilities when a person can’t really afford to be doing this but just to show off they go out and get a brand new car. It feels great to get a brand new car especially if you have not had a car and you’ve been taking the bus or you’re upgrading from your old car that keeps breaking down.

Mainly is what you’re doing, you are buying things that he’s not going to help you get out of your situation. Yes it’ll get you to the job but if you were trying to get out of that job this is going to get you to another job. We all have to work to provide for our priorities.

Keep in mind this is for that person who is tired of trading time for dollars. I know many out there who love their jobs and are grateful to be back at work. Out of my experience I have had many jobs that I am glad I left when I left because I was not going nowhere.

The mindset of the investor/entrepreneur, many men and women stepping into this field have read books studied with like-minded others. They are ready to go, they continue taking courses getting involved with masterminds.

Non-like the crock brain they use the neural cortex. Taking risk investing in the right education to get them going. We sacrifice a lot, partying, staying up late, going to sleep late. We do what we have to do to learn and do not let anyone get in the way. 

I have met many people out there who say they don’t have the money to get started and many of us don’t. There are plenty of ways to raise capital, further investment needed to move forward to progress to success.

Both of these mindsets function differently. One does not want to take no risk, always scared and the other one is all about taking risk. The ironic part is we as human beings take risks every day, we could be in our car driving doing everything the right way. But somewhere out there someone is not caring, not paying attention and accidents happen!

I learned from one of my courses if you want to be a real estate investor you have about 200 tax write offs you can do as compared to a W-2 employee do you have about 20 tax write off you can do. I will leave a name of a book you can read that talks about this including entity structure.

In order to get any tax write off’s for your business you have to talk to a CPA tax attorney someone like that so you can get your entity structure correctly. If you are doing real estate transactions make sure you talk to a real estate attorney.

Using debt as a tool.

This could be a touchy subject, a lot of people do not like debt. Some people don’t even like talking about money. A lot of these jobs I’ve had if you talk about how much you make do you have a good chance you’re getting fired.

I have seen this happen a few times, for some reason they don’t want people talking about money or their wages because sometimes it turns out to be a big argument.

If you buy a house you’re most likely using debt. The house gets financed through the bank now you owe them for your house. If you’re going to college and you’re using student loans that’s considered debt. Many people do this and do not want to learn velocity banking, this is a strategy that you might be able to find a couple little parts of it on YouTube but they don’t give out the full course.

If you see these wealthy people out there, maybe they own apartments and other real estate. They most likely have it set up to where their debt is paying itself off helping people, and making profits. That is considered good debt.

If you are using it for your student loans that’s great because you always want to do something that you want to do. But it’s always good to learn somehow that you can pay that off a lot sooner without doubling your payments.

The last time I looked into the national debt service, the United States was in $17 trillion in debt. Now with this pandemic going on and everything it might have gone up I have not checked it recently. The point is this whole country is in debt.

There is some debt that is forgivable and sometimes it’s not. So hopefully nobody never has to file bankruptcy but if you do you most likely have a better shot of getting your credit cards eliminated before your student loans.

I met this woman a while back and her debt was really high because of certain bank and strategies she was able to start knocking it down pretty quick. There is a good way and a bad way to use it, I am not telling anyone how to use their debt just giving a few ideas to those who are tired of being in the same position day after day.


When investing in education, always do your due diligence. As many of you know there are many products out there of education for online and real estate investing education. These were my two choices, there’s also day trading which I learned a little bit from but I am not too familiar with.

There might be some people out there saying wow that’s a pyramid scheme. Here’s something to think about in the corporate world, the ones who work on the floor that are so easily replaceable. There are the men and women who work in the office executives whatever you wanna call them.

When you’re the one on the floor sweating on your feet all day. They might be the supervisor here she is just on your case for whatever reason. Think about who gets paid the big dollars and you get sprinkled the rest! 

Corporate world is a pyramid scheme, so when you run into one of these products of education that you can introduce to someone else who is interested take advantage of that. Most companies you can make commissions in the Internet world are called affiliate marketing. Some are MLM’s multiple level marketing, if the product is good no worries.

This is also part of the mindset, so you found your education and now you were doing your due diligence but for some reason you still feel a little skeptical. This will be the crock brain, if the product has great reviews give it a try because there are laws out there that protect the consumer from being scammed.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. In finance

Taking action.

This can become the hard part, because a lot of people worry about failure. If you have studied some of the successful entrepreneurs out there everyone has a failure story, but some do not want to share it. If someone is not having a failure it’s because that person has not taken action.

If you stick with one education and you should be ok. Sometimes we bite off more than we can chew that’s spoken out of experience. If you are doing real estate investing make sure you plan on building your team, because doing it by yourself can become overwhelming.

Use different strategies to gather leads that will take up less time. I would recommend using Facebook ads so it can work for you, or start calling a listing agent. Build some relationships, do your best to turn it into a smooth career.

If you are doing affiliate marketing, learn how to build your sales funnels. The biggest problem that a lot of people run into is finding targeted traffic. Keep in mind that there is competition out there, make sure you have your opt in page so you can gather names and emails maybe even phone numbers.

There are many other strategies for online marketing, if you don’t know these are ready you might have to learn them. Copywriting, relationship building, consistency, and a few more. If all this was easy everybody would be doing it. Find a high traffic source for example YouTube, it might take some time to build but like anything else you have to plant it and water it.

5 powerful Steps When You Have To Start From Scratch. Affiliate marketing.

5 Steps When You Have To Start From Scratch.

Starting from scratch, I’m so glad to be here. Many of you might be able to relate to this story. I am not going to lie to make myself look like I know everything, to be really honest I didn’t really know much at all.

5 Steps When You Have To Start From Scratch. Digging in the bone yards and working many jobs out there eventually you start getting tired of working for companies that can fire you at will.

The Skills You Get Through Life.

I have skills in cars and hustle classic car parts. I know a lot of clubs that like different era of car parts, entrepreneur part of me used to go pull these parts and sell them using a local websites like and Facebook groups, and a few others. But sometimes I didn’t want to be in the hot sun anymore.

Going from bouncing around from job to job and I knew I was not going to get anywhere because I learn and the companies that I work at, it was not what you knew it was who you knew. I recently wrote a book that I go deeper into details I will post on the Internet when it edited and published.

5 Steps When You Have To Start From Scratch.

5 steps when You Have To Start From Scratch.
5 Steps When You Have To Start From Scratch

Younger Millennials.

I’m not one of these young kids fresh out of high school, there was a time that I was and I thought I knew what I wanted to do after graduation. Going to college then running out of money real soon after came the corporate life. Most of them temp to hire.

After many jobs, I pondered diving deep into the books to get into these wealthy men and women’s minds.  I didn’t grow up. In a wealthy family and where I grew up there was none in sight. I grew up in an infested neighborhood.

Building You Confidence.

I was getting ready to make an investment in some kind of education; I was looking for online entrepreneurship and real estate investing entrepreneurship. It took some time but I found the right places, once you learn all this stuff you have to apply it.

As many others in the world we have this thing called fear that sometimes control the decisions we make. After procrastination wasting time I decided to learn both fields. 

So that’s exactly what I did I was also learning how to do trade in stocks online, but it was too much, already bit off more than I can chew.

Maybe some of you out there have experienced the same thing, you hear these billionaires talk about focus on one thing at a time, however when time is ticking and your excitement is at a high-capacity you start jumping into what feels right for you.

It’s Up To You.

I never had a mentor although I wish I did and I do wish there was someone around, at this moment it would make the progress quicker.

Sometimes when people don’t want to give the time we have to take action bye using the knowledge we learned and making goals happen.

Making your dreams come true you have to depend on yourself. It’s nice that with the Internet you can try to reach out to influencers to help put your name or brand out there.

Check out some of my sources, that I will be leaving in the bottom of this article. if you run into this post check out some of the other strong content.

The value that is given away for free take it and keep it for your own goals that you are reaching for. Some people charge for strong information and I understand the business part. but when you receive the amazing value put it to use, turn it to your words some passion.

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Is your job taking time away from your family? Learn how to find the best marketing software for your business.

7 blogging tips for beginners.

Takes more time than expected. Kartra


Is your job taking time away from your family? Learn how to find the best marketing software for your business. This took a lot of trial and error in my journey. There has been no over the shoulder mentor to help and assist, which was highly needed. Most people try to toss the best marketing courses out there.

I have invested in a few and they are pretty good, but after learning these few courses I come to realize they are teaching the same lesson how to create a landing page build you an email list because that list is your asset. I do agree with all this, however most courses teach the strong basics from what I noticed.

What they leave out is traffic where to get it how to post on those websites. My eBook is almost finished I will be putting out to the market as soon as it’s done. Make sure to sign up to my email list so when it’s done you’ll get notification.


Some software problems.

Back to the article, I was using a system that was good to start building a email list and the auto responder was building the relationships, then I was about to launch a fresh business, so I ran some test when I clicked on the link the words popped up “suspicious link”.

Who will open that! Most likely people will unsubscribe if they seen that. I contacted the company it took them three months to fix the first time the next time was about a month. I’m not going to mention the company I just hope they fix that problem for good and business moves on.

That auto responder integrated with the software I was using and for some reason the creators made it for that one specific auto responder. Most of us get into this business so we can learn to get our time back. I had to learn other software’s that were just not confusing but time consuming.

The most part that sucked was this software I already invested in I owned it. The auto responder was $25 dollars a month, which is not bad if it worked would be better. I was worried if I found another software company that had to be integrated with another auto responder if this will happen again.

Don’t lose your traffic.

Why I worry is because I already lost contact with my list for month, I used investment traffic and they forgot who I was. When building a list most times people will not buy from you because they don’t know that’s why it’s important to learn relationships, and headlines/subject lines to increase your open rates.

We don’t want to waste time when starting a business, I am glad that I found an all in one software. No more integration everything is there. The training videos, how to create landing page, thank you page, sales letter, down offers, up offers, sequences, and even your own member site for courses etc.

The reason why I needed a software that did not integrate is because time is everything, I’m sure you out there can relate. The last thing anyone needs especially if you are starting at a budget is something going wrong. We all need something with little frustration and something more smooth.

Yes it is a learning curb just like anything else. If you have a question there is a Facebook group that is great, and if there are any technical issue support is on it.

The system I am talking about is Kartra it’s an all in one platform to run and make your business easy. Check out my FREE ebook here also access to Kartra for $1.00 trial.

Turn your ideas to work.

6 powerful SEO tools for driving traffic. Free online course reveals how to !


How to use SEO tools.

The role of Search engine optimization (SEO) cannot be overemphasized in getting traffic to your website. It is a great tool and strategy for improving your site ranking in search engines. Your question should be how does it work, how can I increase my chances of ranking well on the search engine. follow these modern crucial elements.


Keywords For SEO.

Keywords are a great tool in optimization.(SEO) Adding keywords in your topic and header tags, meta descriptions, and body of your contents, these keywords are what tell search engines what your site and pages are about, and it makes your page contents relevant when users search for those keywords. use combined keywords the words and phrases you could use to sum up your website.

For example, if your business is a toy dealer, you may think that words like “toys” are worth trying to rank for. And while it would be great if all users who searched “toys” were directed to your site, it’s not that easy when there are thousands of other sites about toys. But if you use a combination of keywords like “toy dealer” you will have a better chance of ranking well.

Quality post SEO.

Provision of quality post helps your website in ranking well on the search engine, although search engines cannot  read your contents like humans, they can look at a few signals to determine whether your content is worth recommending to searchers or not.

When creating contents on your website, it’s very crucial that they have substantial content. Short contents may be easier to produce, but don’t provide much to readers. Because of this, you should aim for quality contents over quantity. That does not mean that you need to write long pages, but that you should always provide crucial information to your site visitors.

Regular update.

Search engines prefer sites that are regularly updating their content. It implies that you can not just create a bunch of pages and then let them sit for months without adding fresh content, hoping that your website traffic will increase.

If your content on those pages is good, there is no need to change them just for SEO purposes. Instead of that consider starting a blog. If you post twice a week, this will show search engines that your website is being maintained and updated constantly.


Backlinks is a great strategy to attract new audiences and bring more visitors to your website. Try to take advantage of any opportunity to write content for another site. If the editor allows it, add links to your website in the article, by doing so you have the advantage of driving great traffic to your site, to have great result try using a high domain website, before you realize it you would have gained much traffic your site in no time. This tool is very crucial,it has yielded positive results by the user of this great tool.

Margin content links.

There are chances that some of your web pages, articles, and blog content are related. When they are, link this content together. If you have written a post about inspiration, for example, link it to an earlier post of quotes. By doing this you have just created a chance of improving your website ranking, this is a great tool that you can bank on. when you marge links together on your web this will hook the audience and make them glued to your site, in no time.

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7 Blogging Tips For Beginners. Reveals Strong Tips!

Here are 7 blogging tips for beginners.

Being successful online starts with the foundation for your business – your website. We want to start by teaching you how to build an awesome website. In our series of simple video tutorials and fun step-by-step guides, you’ll find that it is incredibly important to set this up properly. 

What are the steps?

We give you the step-by-step guide to get up and running with a successful website by covering the following items:

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Get ready and start taking action.

1. Hosting and Domain Name

Getting set up fast with a hosting service and selecting a domain name so your website can have a physical address on the internet. There are a few places you can go., here are a few just so you can get started.

2. Installing WordPress:

We use an incredibly powerful tool called WordPress. WordPress is a free website building software which enables you to build your website quickly and easily without needing to be an expert. According to other website providers, WordPress is highly advanced.

3. Understanding the basics of WordPress:

Learning the fundamentals is key. From learning how to create pages and posts, add images, and other options for customization, you can get up and running in no time. 

4: Introduction to Plugins: 

Plugins are essentially custom features that add to the functionality of a website. They can very easily be downloaded and installed and transform any aspect of your site allowing for full customization. To make your website get noticed by the search engines there are plug-ins for SEO which are Yoast SEO and Math Rank both work pretty good.

5: Building our first sales funnel:

Here is where things get really exciting! Now it’s time to really focus on the process of turning your website into a highly profitable machine. The way to do this is through a simple, yet brilliant process of setting into place what we call a “Funnel.” 

The basic idea is that you have website visitors landing on your website and leaving, in some cases, never return. Rather than having this traffic come and go, we hope to ensure they’ll come back by capturing one single piece of information from them — their name, and email address. The reason I like to gather names is there is a psychology when following up with emails.

Once we have their name, and email, we now have a way to directly reach out to them with a specific offer or a specific message we hope to present to them. The way to do this is not to just simply ask for their name, and email address as there would be nothing in it for them. Instead we need to offer them some sort of high value item in exchange for their email. 

This is what we call a “Lead Magnet Offer” or an “Opt-in Incentive.” The Lead Magnet offer is the way to begin the process of turning a cold website visitor into a red-hot customer. It begins your sales funnel and is an absolute necessity in order to be successful online. 

7 blogging tips for beginners.
There is another platform you can integrate with Word Press. Read article here.

6.Why you should care.

We believe that building a successful business online should be fun, not stressful, time consuming or costly. Step #1 of our 3-Step WTC System gives you a blueprint for success so you know exactly what you need to do, but more importantly, how to do it. 

7.How you can get started.

We show you exactly how to set up each of these steps properly through our video series found on our website: We get you up and running with a website that focuses on achieving a successful online business in no time. 

7 blogging tips for beginners.

  1. Website.
  2. Traffic.
  3. Customers.