What’s the passion of your purpose in life? Your Visions Reveal Your Future.

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Visions of your future.

Following you passion.

What’s the passion of your purpose? this a tough question to ponder on? I feel your thoughts. Kind of weird! When we get done with high school some of us know exactly what we want to do, and some of us think we want. Certain careers are not for everyone. Our visions do not appear until later.

Let’s dig in, school is not for everyone. There have been many successful men and women who dropped out of school and are living great. Jobs are not for everyone, if you have worked job after job after job and have went through that experience I am with you just can’t get ahead.

The streets are not for everybody as well.  Also the street life people are frowned upon. Most think he of she is a street hustler they sell drugs for a living they are bad. People do what they have to do in life good or bad.

What' the passion of your purpose?
Streets have signs everywhere.

The streets go everywhere. Visions

A street hustle can be anything, let’s forget about the negative stuff, they’re people whole hustle car parts they dig through the bone yard check the days they have sells going on. Find the right make and model then market to that specific niche in the automotive industry.

Some will hold signs asking for cash the things most frown upon are the things others are not willing to do. People flip cars in the street they hustle the real estate market; they get themselves in some kind of game and use social media to market making profits.

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This is labeled as entrepreneurship being they own boss putting their ideas to work and sometimes leveraging other people money and even the Internet, thinking outside the box.

What the world needs. Visions

I mentioned earlier some things are not met for everybody, entrepreneurship can or is not for everybody. The world has needs for all fields to make this world spin. Think about it. I know someone out there is reading this article and they are an engineer, doctor, and lawyer.

They had a completely different journey in life. There are men and women who enjoy baking cakes, cooking, working on being a journalist. Some where is the process there is a struggle that comes with it and most give up their dreams because the road becomes to bumpy.

Turning your visions into value and passion.

We as human being decide to settle for less because of the stress. Life happens and sometimes we don’t know it until it’s too late but out emotions already took the hit for the worse. We decide to postpone our goals.

When things get hard. Visions

Eventually we start applying for jobs that are not in the field we want to be in, they call it go with the flow! You probably heard that before. We have a passion for the purpose of our lives that’s what god gifted us with; there are some people who want to comfort us with nice but negative sounding words. “It’ll be ok just be happy with what you have” What kind of support is that. It should be work the job but make your dreams priority.

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Different types of mindsets out there! As much as you study practice fail, and learn from. You should be doing what you want. We all come different walks of life, however we are all humans who have a desire for something that we have passion for to live our lives.

I have been pondering on this article for some time already. I was lounging one night and my mind was running. I chose entrepreneurship in online business and real estate investing that’s me, but this world provides a load of opportunities to get involved in.

There are many skills I have not discovered yet and always learning something new. That’s what great about freedom, the open world that’s out there that we can chase bye doing the positive things in life. Find your passion of purpose.  

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